Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back On The Road

Its exactly slightly more than two months since I last blog . Too long a story to tell now. Perhaps later. Wow! today I have had a field day clicking and favouritizing recommended sites on environmentalism. A topic very much related to my current research on green entrepreneurship.

October 15th was Blogger Buzz action day on environment. I missed the action on that very day, but at least I had recourse to its news and activities, like the number of blogs highlighted by the Buzz administrator of which information from them would be useful on eco-tourism, eco-preneurship and green entrepreneurship.

I am more spirited to blog on my PHD adventure because the infrastructure I spent my hard earned money on ( viz the N93i and Acer Aspire 5580) can recognise and talk to each other now after so many problems and Ican therefore internet from now on.

In Bintulu, at Laman Kambatik there is a splended air of freshness, quietness and reflection that the garden offers. This I find to be a natural abode for thinking and writing. Furthermore being new to on-line learning, I have yet to master the science of browsing, on-line communication and many more. Well after all that's the adventure I have set my mind and money on. So enjoy every bit of the journey.

I found out this morning two nice points. First, is it a question of "picking up " the pieces, the loose ends of your life or are you starting to play " catching up" game? The latter is of course desirable because it is more adventuros, looks like real fun. More grabbing. Involved . And thus more opportunistic and living life dangerously.

Go, Go Sailor!

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